Semi permanent

1 hr|$25

This is A deposit of color to add richness and vibrant color. This semi permanent color can last for 6 weeks
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Permanent color

1 hr|$45

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Full head highlights

1 hr 30 min|$95

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Color rinse

1 hr|$20

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Wigs colored/highlights

1 hr 30 min|$60

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Full Relaxer

2 hr|$90 &up

This service is for customers who have NEVER had a relaxer or are transitioning from natural to relaxed. Great option for First time relaxing your hair.

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Relaxer Touch-Up

1 hr 30 min|$75.&up

Touch up roots only. This is for clients who want to relax their roots only.


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Permanent wave/Wave Nouveau

2 hr|$95. & up

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1 hr|$75. & up

This service is a Curly perm

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Weave install/Full head sew in/install with closure

3 hr|$250.00+

Full weave install with or without closure-hair not included. Hair is additional and can be purchased from dolled up wigs.

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Weave install w/lace Frontal & sew in

3 hr|$300. &up

Full weave install from start to finish HAIR NOT INCLUDED. NOTE: There is a $25.00 additional charge to take the weave out if not installed by me.

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Full lace wig application

2 hr 30 min|$200&up

Wig installations do not include Wigs.

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Custom wigs

5 min|$300 &up

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Weave maintenance

2 hr|$85.&up

This service is to tighten the weave you currently have in and have had in for 4 or more weeks. Note: if I did not install the weave your wearing, I WILL NOT tighten.

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1 hr|$25.00+

This Healthy hair bonding treatment helps to strengthen and bond the hair over time make the hair strong. Treatment is needed once a month. However can be applied once a week.

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30 min|$25. & up

This treatment strengthens your hairs at its core. Brings dry, brittle hair back to life.

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Keratin treatment

2 hr|$250. &up

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Protein treatment

1 hr|25.&up

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Hydration hair masque

1 hr|$25&up

This service is an add-on.

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Invigorating scalp treatment

1 hr|20.00&up

This treatment has cooling menthol effect. this treatment opens your hair follicles do thatthe conditioners can penetrate the hair shaft.

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Scalp Treatments

1 hr|$20.00&up

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Shampoo blowdry and Curl

1 hr 30 min|$50+

Shampoo blow dry and curl

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30 min|$20.00

This service is designed to clip the dead hair from the ends of your hair and restore healthy hair.

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Women’s haircut ONLY

1 hr|$30.& Up

Edgy cuts/basic cuts/custom just for your unique style

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Hair cut layers

1 hr|$45.00

This adds fullness and body to flat lifeless hair without compromising the length.

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Perm rods

2 hr|$65.00&up

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Flexi rods

2 hr|$70.00&up

Short hair is$50.00

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Wrap n curl

1 hr 30 min|$50.00

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Wet set

1 hr|50. &up

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